Aim of Moving Feet

Our Aim is to enhance a Child's development neurologically and musically by teaching artistry, creativity and discipline through dance. To empower both children and adults though exercise and discipline while cultivating passion.

Children naturally respond to music due to the rhythmic melody of their mother’s voice in the womb and our aim is to use music as a tool to broaden their horizons.

During the 1990s researchers at University of California at Irvine led by Gordon Shaw, a physicist, and Frances Rauscher, a cellist and a psychologist, studied the relation between music and intelligence.

In one study they divided three and four year olds into three groups. One group received piano lessons, another private computer lessons, and a third either studied singing or had no special lessons at all. After six months, the group studying piano was the only one to show a significant increase in spatial-temporal reasoning; in fact, these children scored 34 percent higher than did the next group.

Spatial-temporal reasoning is required for certain higher brain functions and is employed in chess, mathematics, engineering, and composing music. It enables the thinker to put mental images into many different forms without having to use a concrete model of any of the forms.

This increase in spatial-temporal reasoning has been dubbed the ³Mozart Effect".

We use the stimulation of musical responses imagination and personal creativity to enhance your Child's natural development. Most importantly we use enjoyment and passion and fun in all age groups to inspire creativity and personal growth.

Advantages of dance for all ages:

- Heightened fine and gross motor skills
- Controlled and refined co-ordination
- Social learning’s and interaction in a group
- Discipline through techniques of dance
- Heightened creativity and imagination.
- Heightened sense of reasoning and mathematical understanding.