Leanne van Breda

Leanne started dancing at her motherĀ¹s dance school in Johannesburg at the age of three. Completing all her Major dance examinations with the IDTA, Checcetti ballet Dance Corr and eventually ISTD. Her love for the arts took her to University of Pretoria to study drama, stage design, choreography, physical theatre and theatre in education. After completing her degree along with many accomplishments at various dance festivals she won scholarships to train in Canada and her performing career eventually led her abroad. She performed, trained and taught in North America, Great Britain, Italy and Australia gaining experience in performing and interacting across cultures as well as collecting international accreditation and qualifications on each continent. Several highlights include performances on the West End, Dancer for various artist music videos in London. Professional Jazz dancer in Australia from Brisbane to Fiji. Toured with an educational theatre company A.C.L.E in the summer season on the Italian Riviera and in Paris for the winter months.

With her extensive travels and international teaching experience Leanne set out to open a holistic dance and wellness school. In keeping with the vision of the school, Leanne has always led a balanced life and her interests extend from dance, choreography, hockey, swimming, scuba diving and theatre performance. She is passionate and equipped to teach every student in a holistic and diverse way wile dedicated to enriching each students life through her passion for dance.

- Bachelor of Arts degree- DRAMA
- Physical theatre diploma-Canada
- Performance and dance diploma- The Centre PAC, London, UK
- Imperial Society qualified Modern, Ballet and Tap teacher(UK)
- ACLE International theatre in education-Italy
- Cruise dancer P&O Australia
- 7 years of teaching experience-South Africa, Canada, Italy, Australia and London.